The Barren Author

First Series


EPISODE ONE: Let No Man Belong

The charismatic and reclusive Brigadier Munchausen is visited, online, by the mysterious Smith. Has he written his pages? Munchausen obliges and reveals some extraordinary incidents from his early life: A boy on the run, a fight with a seven-foot sailor, and a romantic affair involving a whale. These extraordinary events all serve to propel our hero into the realisation that he is destined to save the world. But who is Smith and why has he been sent? Why does the Brigadier fear email? And, most of all, what really happened to him in Raqqa? Comedy, Fantasy and Daring Deeds all combine with the sadness of a genius who simply doesn’t belong… 

EPISODE TWO: The Stars Incline Us They Do Not Bind Us

Smith’s gentle interrogations continue and the young Brigadier reveals his contribution to the fall of Communism through a series of Elton John impersonations. His astonishing achievements don’t stop there. When his accidental discoveries aboard a Swedish Science Research ship lead to the invention of a secret formula, the world is at his feet. The world kicks back, however, and after a desperate climb up Notre Dame, he finds himself pursued by the police, an old friend and two well-known figures of darkness. This heady mix of characters eventually find themselves at the heart of a larger evil – the sordid trafficking of Celebrity Lookalikes. 

EPISODE THREE: Nothing Is Heavy To Those Who Have Wings

The Brigadier escapes from peril in an ancient Russian forest with the help of an obliging bison. Eurasian mobsters, intent on human sacrifice using the world’s oldest tree, are in pursuit. As his enemies ride after him full-throttle, and with guns blazing, he relays a dizzying array of stories focused on astounding encounters with the animal kingdom. These unlikely anecdotes result in the firm conclusion that the Brigadier’s luck is finally about to run out.  

EPISODE FOUR: Man Is Wolf To A Man

The Brigadier is deliberately vague on the circumstances of his recent death and the particular bargain he struck with a certain deity and instead focuses on his time in Canada which, as it turns out, is very much like heaven or hell depending on how you look at it. He brings down the notorious biker gang, Hell’s Loggers, with the help of some wolves but soon finds himself on much more dangerous ground at the hands of the last remaining branch of the Knights Templar who are intent on using Munchausen’s marvelous formula to revive the Master Race.

EPISODE FIVE: Nothing Dries Quicker Than A Tear

Things look bleak for the Brigadier as he is sent to the bottom of Davy Jones’ Locker by the merciless hands of Knight Supremacist, St.John Lawrence-Malcaster. He makes bold his escape with the help of some surprising sailors, an old flame and a couple of antique cannon balls. His revenge is swift and he takes on the might of the Fourth Reich with a combination of pluck, will and a new found love of artillery. His triumphs quickly turn to sorrow, however, as the truth and sorrow of Raqqa is revealed. The Brigadier suspects Smith of being in league with his enemies and warns her that the final battle is imminent. 

EPISODE SIX: Nobody Dances Sober

Smith makes her final call and hears two final adventures involving the East Finchley Satanic League and an incredible portrait heist from the National Gallery. These sensational stories are interrupted by an unexpected visitor. Smith tries to persuade the Brigadier she is simply a publisher after his tall stories and has innocently sent a courier. Munchausen is instead convinced it his mortal enemy come for the formula once more. The visitor is knocking, Smith is pleading and Munchausen is frightened for his life. Is this a deadly finale or a distressing delusion? Fact becomes increasingly difficult to separate from fiction as the Brigadier, out of options and ammunition, climbs into his own cannon and fires himself out of his own story and into a new adventure.